Here's our amazing place to stay in Senoia!

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-Senoia Tour:

Meet at Senoia Coffee and Cafe @ 1 Main Street in Senoia, GA

at 10:00am,12:00pm, or 2:00pm for

approx 1 hour tour

-Gather around near the Gazebo in The Walking Dead filming location of "Woodbury" and hear behind-the-scenes stories and play Chandler's Trivia

-Walk to "Enid's Wall" for a quick photo op

-Head down Travis Street to railroad tracks where Terminus train cars were

-Walk to The Walking Dead filming location of "Coma House" for another round of Chandler's Trivia and more photos

-See the "Pudding House" and learn all there is to know about those days of filming and group photo op

-Walk by "Alexandria" walls and see the lay of the land for filming


Sharpsburg/Grantville Tour-

Meet at Senoia Coffee & Cafe (1 Main Street, Senoia GA) at 3:30

-Drive to 132 Terrantine Road in Sharpsburg GA and see The Walking Dead filming locations of "Steve's Pharmacy" and "Herschel's Bar"

-Take time for photo ops with tour guide and a look inside "Herschel's Bar" (if Tommy is there, he will share their experiences)

-Drive past cemetery to 1 Main Street in Grantville GA

-Check out Funeral Home

-Grantville locations from "Clear" episode

-Join Grantville guide to tour inside Morgan's Apartment (subject to availability)